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Welcome to Aurora Wellbeing

Well Being Classes

Wellbeing and Mindfulness Programmes
Aurora prides itself on the great support programmes we provide. In particular, we run a Wellbeing and Mindfulness Therapy programme as part of our pioneering service in the Doncaster and Bassetlaw areas.


We run a Wellbeing Programme with Minfulness as part of out pioneering service in the Doncaster and Bassetlaw areas. This is a 7 consecutive week programme. Learn to recognise those triggers that lead to depression, anxiety, and anger, and learn methods to break negative thinking habits and encourage a healthier wellbeing. Also includes a Colour Therapy session, and introuductions to hypnotherapy and yoga. Open to all.


For cancer patients and their carers, we solely run a Mindfulness programme with one of our Counsellors. This is an 8 week group course that combines meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy to help manage problems such as depression and stress that oftern occur following cancer diagnosis and treatment. We will teach you helpful meditations and exercises to aid awareness of all incoming thought but not attaching or reacting badly to them.


If you have had a cancer diagnosis, the questions and concerns surrounding this can be stressful as the cancer treatment itself. However, Mindfulness research has shown that mental preparation can reduce stress and anxiety and thus improve your quality of life; you can learn to become an active participant in your own recovery.




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