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The Worksop Collection

As the museum service in Worksop was gradually reduced in the mid-1960s, the collections representing the history of the town were dispersed to Bassetlaw and Doncaster Museums. In 1974, the library service, which was administered in the museum, was transferred to Nottinghamshire County Council. At this point, archival material was given to the County Record Office and printed matter to the County Library Service. The remaining collection (local and social) were transferred to Bassetlaw Museum in 1983. 

The Worksop Collection held at Bassetlaw Museum

With thanks to Bassetlaw Museum for use of the photographs.

Worksop Savings Bank home safe

Toy Theatre from the 1950s. Donated by a Worksop resident

Door knocker from the Post Office at the Corner of Blyth Rd and Carlton Road, removed when building demolished 1968

Guiness labels

Marris and Draycott candle lantern mid 19th Century

Beards Mill tickets

Worksop Charter Day beakers 1931

Wooden Box made by a pupil of Dr Eldermeier’s School, Potter Street, Worksop, 1870

White’s Almanac and Year Book 1890

Worksop Fire service slate late 19th Century. Reading Number of Indicator dropped; Where is Fire; Description of Premises; Name & address of person giving alarm; Time of alarm; Fire Engine leaves yard

Worksop Gateway souvenir bowl

Worksop Music Hall Poster

First World War Peace beaker

Peace Festival Beaker.  The Treaty of Paris was signed on 30th March 1856.  This brought the Crimean War to an end and mass celebrations ensured.  In London, ½ million flocked to London and celebrations took place in many cities.  There were parties, canons were fired in parks and men and boys wore balaclava helmets.

Watchman’s Rattle, 1840

The collections held at Bassetlaw Museum include:

Social History Collections

  • Archaeological objects
  • Numismatics (the study or collection of currency)
  • Household and personal items
  • Political and military memorabilia
  • Beer bottles and other containers refelcting local industries
  • Oil paintings, watercolours, engravings and other artworks
  • Period costume
  • Ephemera and postcards
  • Photographs and slides, incuding both local images and exotic sights

The collections held at Doncaster include:

Natural History Collections

  • A collection of stuffed and framed birds. Many of the birds in the collection are ex display specimens that were once part of the exhibitions at Worksop. Many of these are colourful, tropical species but there is a fine collection of British birds that was once on display too.
  • A large collection of shells. There are two lots of shells in the Doncaster Collection that originally came from Worksop Museum. The first specimens were once on display, and the second is a very important scientific collection.

1. Little Auk

2. Magnificient Riflebird

3. A specimen from the important scientific collection

4. Specimens once on display

(Thank you to the Doncaster Museum Serivce for use of the photographs)


Can you remember the collections on display at the museum when it was open? Let us know.

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